Our Services

NavPunkt GmbH provides services and solutions to following topics:

Street data

NavPunkt collects new and updates existing street data - i.e. during the capture of street video footages.

Video tours for 3D navigation

NavPunkt uses high-resolution cameras to capture video footage of the streets in Europe as basis for a 3D visualizations.

3D-Navigation Visualization

NavPunkt visualized the captured data from the video tour in 3D navigation displays.

Point of Interests - POIs

© Fiedels / Fotolia

We provide a huge set of POIs in different categories. A first overview - incl. sample data - can be found in our data catalogue.

If you did not find your required category please feel free to contact us as we are updating our data continuously.

Furthermore can we provide you test data for your desired area!

Address coordinates

Accurate address coordinates, geocoded addresses are building points with exact address information.

Our "GeoMaster" includes approx. 23 Mio. records, based on:

  • Approx. 19 Mio. self-collected records since 2002
  • Own on-site data collections
  • Data created witk DLK and house surroundings