Our Services

Geocoding of "POIs" for different subjects and countries.

We provide a huge set of different "POIs". For example:

  • Direction-related stops of public transports
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Clinics, Pharmacies, Dentists
  • ATMs
  • And much more

Production of building coordinates of Germany.

Accurate address coordinates, geocoded addresses are building points with address information.

Our "GeoMaster" includes approx. 23 Mio. records, based on:

  • Approx. 19 Mio. self-collected records since 2002
  • Own on-site data collections
  • Data created witk DLK and house surroundings

Driving of European highways with HD cameras for 3D visualization of motorway areas

NavPunkt uses high-resolution cameras to capture video footage of the motorways in Europe as basis for a 3D visualizations.

Our Data Catalogue contains different kind of data

All POIs can be delivered in two sets and in your desired format:
- BASIC: POI-Description, Address, Coordinate
- PRO: All POI data according to our catalogue (if applicable and available for the POI)

On request, we provide the data without coordinates.
We will gladly provide you with test data also for your desired area!

A complete overview with corresponding sample data can be found here.

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Direction-related stops of public transports

We supply these data for Germany to all city circles and selected districts.
This data set contains approx. 580.000 records.

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Schools and Kindergartens

  • Germany: 35.100 Schools / 54.150 Kindergartens (complete list)
  • Switzerland: 6.100 Schools
  • Austria: 7.820 Schools